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Platinum - Halo

Platinum - Halo

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Platinum Clip In Hair Extensions

Light blonde with golden undertones, our brightest blonde. Can easily be toned into a white blonde. Ideal for Vivid colours.

150g 22inches - 100% human hair - Double Drawn


Halo Hair Extensions add instant length and volume with a single weft that is secured with an invisible, elastic wire! You can choose from 6 different sized elastic wires to find a comfortable fit. It also comes with a spare wire in case of any accidents! Secure by using the 3 large clips and blend your halo for a quick, glam look!

The halo hair extensions can be installed instantly and flawless blends with your natural hair! Perfect for thin to medium and medium thick hair types! This style of extensions does not damage your hair and can easily be removed after a night out!

All La Mane Clip In Extensions are made with 100% Human Hair, they are also double drawn so they stay the same amount of thickness from top to bottom! These extensions come in a Handy Hanger and Bag to keep them safe, clean and easy to grab on the go! Style these natural or with hot tools for your night out! Please refer to our care information to look after the extensions.

Need help colour matching? Head on over to our Colour Match Service for some professional advice.

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Care Instructions

So you have invested in hair extensions but don’t know how to care for them.

Well here are some tips and care recommendations for your extensions:

First off, congrats on your new hair style! Nothing makes you feel better than a new look. Whether you got them for length, volume, colour or for fun – you need to upkeep that beautiful new look! Here’s how to care for them:

Clip In’s and Halos are for temporary wear. They are not designed to be worn to bed. Always take them out before you lay down.

Store your extensions in the La Mane Storage bag which comes with your order. The La Mane Storage bag comes with a hanger which makes it easy to store in your closet for easy, safe and clean storage. Please keep away from natural elements.

Brush your extensions before and after each use. We recommend brushing from tip to root, for gentle knot removal.

Wash your extensions with a moisture shampoo, do NOT use protein on your extensions. Please read the label on all your hair care products to make sure no proteins are in the ingredients.

Treat your hair extensions with a moisture treatment when they feel dry after multiple uses.

Always set heat under 170 degrees when styling and use a thermal protection spray.

Do NOT swim with your hair extensions installed. Chlorine water and salt water will damage your La Mane Extensions.

With all orders you will receive a care and maintenance card to help keep your extensions looking fresh and luscious!

Please note: Once you have attempted to tone/wash or colour your extensions your warranty is void and we are not responsible or liable any way for how your colour turns out on your hair extensions we are only giving you the best tips possible to help you colour your hair correctly.

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