When should I expect my delivery if I am in Australia?

We take 3-5 business days to process and shop your order. If you place your order before 11am - Tuesday to Thursday – it may be shipped out the same day.

If you opted for free shipping, it can take 3-5 business days to ship through Australia Post. If you live rurally, it may be delayed by another 2-3 days.

Please keep in mind that once the parcel leaves our warehouse, we have no control over when it arrives. You will be sent an email with your tracking number once your order has been shipped so you can keep tabs on its whereabouts. If you opt in for express shipping (rates do apply), you will receive your package sooner.

What happens if my parcel is late/delayed?

We work super hard to get your parcel to you quickly, but because we ship with third party carriers, once its with said carrier it is out of our hands. So we just need to sit back and wait! However it is very rare that we experience any significant delays.

Keep in mind seasonal delays such as Christmas and New Years.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Customer will have to pay for the necessary shipping that and any customs charges depending on the country.

I have an event and need my hair urgently! What can I do?

If you are on a tight deadline for a special event and you need your hair ASAP, we recommend selecting our express postage. If you do live in Adelaide Australia, you can also select pick up during business hours from our Salon Location.

If you do select express shipping still allow 3-4 business days prior to the event so you are on the safe side!

How do exchanges work?

Colour, thickness or length not right? No problem! Easily return for an exchange within 40 days of original purchase date!

See our Exchange page HERE for more information!


What is the hair quality like?

Our hair is 100% Remy Hair. When creating La Mane Extensions, we searched far and wide to make sure that our quality is the best for long lasting results.

Will the wire/clips break? What happens if it does?

Our clips are extremely durable and the wire is stretchy nylon! In all our Halo orders you will get spare wire that you can cut into your desired size if it needs replacing.

I am worried about it being uncomfortable!

When creating and designing these extensions, we had comfortability in mind! Our nylon wires for our Halos are stretchy so they can fit comfortably to your head. And there is multiple sizes to choose from! Our clip ins are also very comfortable for long wear. The clips are not sharp or pointy so they are not going to dig into your scalp like other brands. Watch our Tutorials on our YouTube channel (Linked on our Home Page) to learn how to apply the extensions for a comfortable wear!

Is it natural human hair? Can I treat it like my own hair with hot styling tools and products?

It is 100% Remy hair! With all our extensions we recommend following our care guide. Our care guide (which comes with each order) has wonderful tips to keeping your extensions fresh and healthy like having your hot tools at a maximum heat of 170 degrees, and not using any hair care products that have protein in it!

Can you wash your hair whilst wearing the halo/clip ins? Or do I take them off my head?

We recommend taking them out and washing them separately. Not only will they get cleaner by handwashing them individually but also you don’t need to wash them as frequently as your own hair.

Do they need to be cut and blended before I wear them?

Depending on your natural hair cut (if its blunt or you have a unique hair cut like a long bob) you may need to! Talk to your professional hairdresser about trimming them in if you need any assistance. Once worn and/or cut, you cannot exchange or return the hair.

I want to dye my new hair a bright/pastel/high fashion colour. Is it safe to dye the extensions?

Yes! We recommend good quality colour brands like Evo Staino, Pulp Riot and other salon quality direct dye brands. We always recommend letting a qualified stylist colour or cut your extensions and remember you can colour your hair extensions at your own risk, once you have attempted colouring your extensions your warranty is void.

If you are a customer who lives in Adelaide Australia, you can also visit our Salon where we can colour them for you!

Does the hair shed or fall out?

Nope! As long as you look after them, they will look after you!

When my hair arrives, will it be ready to wear?

Yes it will! All you need to do is install and style to your preference! For installation enquiries, watch our YouTube tutorial (Linked on our Home Page) on how to install your extensions!

I have really thick hair, will the halo/clip ins work for me?

Definitely! Depending on how thick your hair is you may need multiple Halos/Clip In’s to fill in the hair.

I have really thin hair, will the halo/clip ins work for me?

Yes! We would recommend the clip in’s for thinner type hair as you can use as many clips that come in the set as you like. You may not need to use the full set to get the desired outcome that you are wanting which makes it more customisable to your head.


How do I know what colour is right for me? Can you help if I send a photo?

Of course! We have a colour matching service linked on our site HERE. Please fill out the questions, submit the photos with the guidelines provided and one of our colour specialists will contact you shortly.

Alternatively if you live in Adelaide, Australia you are more than welcome to come to our Salon and one of our stylists can do an in person colour match.

I have a balayage colour in my hair. Will the Halo/Clip In’s blend?

We have a variety of colours included are our range of Balayage Shades. Not sure which colour matches you? Use our colour match service to find what best suits you!

Can I colour my new extensions?

Technically yes, but we would recommend taking them to your professional hairdresser to colour. Only Salon Quality hair colour should be used on the hair extensions, and you can colour them at your own risk. Once you have attempted colouring your extensions - your warranty is void. Make sure you chose an experienced hair extension salon when colouring them.

Can I use purple or blue shampoo on my BLONDE extensions to tone them?

Yes, We recommend filling a large container or your bath with warm water and add 1 to 2 pumps of Moroccan Oil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo, make sure the shampoo is evenly dispersed through the water (any purple particles that are not fully diluted in the water may cause purple spots on your extensions) Dip your extensions in the water till you get the desired result then rinse and treat with Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask, rinse again then dry and style your hair. 

Please note: Once you have attempted to tone/wash or colour your extensions your warranty is void and we are not responsible or liable any way for how your colour turns out on your hair extensions we are only giving you the best tips possible to help you colour your hair correctly.

Will the colour of the extensions fade?

No! You may only see a fade of colour if you are using incorrect products or extremely high heat. Majority of wear and tear will not cause fading. However, if you have coloured them yourself, we no longer take any responsibility for fade of colour.


How often do I need to wash my Halo/Clip In’s?

The beauty of Halo’s and Clip In’s is you don’t need to wash them as frequently as you would your own hair. Wash them with your own discretion and wear time. If you are wearing them everyday or every other day you may need to wash them more frequently then you would if you only wear them for special events.

My Halo keeps getting knotty/matted underneath? What do I do?

Maintenance is very important with any Hair Extension type. Making sure they are brushed before application, after application and removal is key. We also recommend using a hair oil in the ends to stop knots and breakage.  Make sure to not sleep in the extensions or have them constantly rubbing (example resting your head for long hours on couches/pillows/headrests/helmets) as the constant pressure and rubbing may be what is causing the knots. Also using a moisturising treatment when washing the hair will help keep the extensions in great quality!

What do I do if my Halo/Clip in’s feel strange after I wash them?

You may still have residual product left in the extensions. I recommend rinsing the extensions again to make sure no residue is left in the hair.